We're a professional interiorscaping company that has been beautifying offices, hotels, condominiums, and other commercial and residential spaces with live plants in Miami and nationwide for over 30 years.

Our flexible programs include professionally designed orchid arrangements, holiday decor, artificial foliage, and leasing options to ensure that we have the right package to fulfill your plant needs.



Home-owners love to use our services to help them give that healthy and lush atmosphere when walking through the door. We will help you create a custom design tailored to your needs.


Businesses who work with our designers create an atmosphere for employees that reduce stress and increase worker productivity, resulting in bottom line employer benefits and happier, more satisfied employees.


 Designs are very intricate and include Poinsettias, Garland, Christmas trees, Stars of David, Menorahs and more. Christmas trees can be live or artificial.

Create a fresh atmosphere with tropical plants


Experience the daily benefits of life alongside botanical splendor and natural beauty with interior landscaping and artfully designed plant arrangements.

Enrich your residential space with specially designed arrangements uniquely constructed to enhance your specific environment.

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Reduce stress in your workplace


Several research studies have verified that plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhance worker productivity.

Many businesses use live plants in decorative containers throughout their lobby and work space.

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Discover stunning vertical plant designs


Living walls are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also beneficial to overall wellbeing and happiness. 

Customization of green walls can be a creative expression of your values. Many systems exist on the market to tailor to your needs. Allow us to customize a living wall just for you!


Projects using GSky Plant System's Versa Wall

Set a new standard during the next holiday season


We will make your botanical holiday a cherished memory for years to come.

Designs are intricate and include Poinsettias, Garland, Christmas trees, Stars of David, Menorahs and more.

Christmas trees can be live or artificial, and are installed by our expert technicians for all of your holiday needs.


Poinsettias ready for the Holidays!

When you think of Christmas, everyone pictures a beautiful pine tree. Poinsettias are a proven Christmas décor that give your office a sense of the holidays.

They can go as a stand-alone plant on your desk or be an addition to your office Christmas tree. Allow Foliage Design Systems to beautify your building with poinsettias of only the finest quality. Leave your information below and we will reach you shortly!

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