office plants

Office Simplicity

There are many options to enhance your working environment that you might find surprising. A little touch of greenery can go a long way for not only your productivity, but your overall well-being. Picking plants and aesthetics can be simple yet effective in bringing out your colors and good energy.

Take a look at what we've done to an office with plenty of file cabinets:

Foliage Design Systems(FDS) used Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah to add a touch of green and red, while maintaining the silver colors of the file cabinets with topsider containers. This is an inexpensive option in adding a good number of plants to your office space.

Plant Maintenance is conducted by FDS Miami on a weekly basis, providing the much needed tender care and watering these exceptional interior plants deserve. Aglaonema is the perfect plant variety for low-medium light levels in office spaces, commercial lobbies, or even personal residencies. 

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