Live Plants

Office Simplicity

There are many options to enhance your working environment that you might find surprising. A little touch of greenery can go a long way for not only your productivity, but your overall well-being. Picking plants and aesthetics can be simple yet effective in bringing out your colors and good energy.

Take a look at what we've done to an office with plenty of file cabinets:

Foliage Design Systems(FDS) used Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah to add a touch of green and red, while maintaining the silver colors of the file cabinets with topsider containers. This is an inexpensive option in adding a good number of plants to your office space.

Plant Maintenance is conducted by FDS Miami on a weekly basis, providing the much needed tender care and watering these exceptional interior plants deserve. Aglaonema is the perfect plant variety for low-medium light levels in office spaces, commercial lobbies, or even personal residencies. 

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#SPLASHION 2015 Event At the Fillmore Miami Beach

Foliage Design Systems proudly supported Miami Magazine and their fashion event featuring Adam Lambert on July 14, 2015. It was the Summer of Color theme that created the tropical atmosphere before the models hit the runway. From a delicious selection of Barton G's famous restaurant tastings to Dylan's Candy Bar, there was plenty of excitement to go around.

FDS shared in that ambiance to bring the theme to life with Areca and Adonidia Palms. With the palms placed throughout the Fillmore, and four of our Adonidia Palms on stage, you always had a tropical feel while sipping on your Vita Coco samples. Once the models hit the stage, the swimsuits were sparkling and the inflatable beach balls were flying. The event came to a close with Adam Lambert in his snake skin suit.

This was an amazing plant rental event that made this theme go full circle.